Electronic Cleaning Solvents Market Development, Growth, Trends, Demand, Analysis And Forecast 2024
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Electronic Cleaning Solvents Market Development, Growth, Trends, Demand, Analysis And Forecast 2024

As per the product type the Electronic Cleaning Solvents Market is classified into fluorinated solvents, brominated solvents, formulated hydrocarbons, and petroleum distillates. Based on the cleaning process the electronic cleaning solvents market is divided into separated co-solvent process, mixed co-solvent process, vapor phase degreaser, vacuum cleaning process.

Global Electronic Cleaning Solvents Market size is anticipated to witness high growth rate in terms of value during the forecast period. Electronic cleaning solvents are used from a long period to get rid of unwanted contaminants like grease, oil, dust, flux, solder residues during the maintenance and manufacturing of electronic devices. As the name implies, electronic cleaning solvents are majorly used in electronics and electrical industry.
Cleaning is essential in electronics manufacturing at different steps like before stenciling and soldering. After stenciling, cleaning is used to eliminate excess solder, and after soldering cleaning is used to remove contaminants. It is essential to remove solder fluxes in electronic devices manufacturing and degreasing is equally important for electronic devices. These all stages in the electronics manufacturing will push the demand for electronic cleaning solvents.

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Moreover, degreasing of electronic devices are also necessary that helps to remove grease and oil from the inner parts of the electronic devices and equipment. In case of rework cleaning is required for the removal of adhesives and coatings. Further, there has been a considerable development in the electronic cleaning solvents in last few years that has increased its demand in the developing countries like India and other South East Asian countries.

Electronic cleaning solvents are coming up as a fast-drying solvent that can be used effectively for quick and efficient cleaning of the electronic components. It is also used in the cleaning of switches, alarms, connectors, relays, terminal plugs, and other products. Electronic cleaning solvents can be used at any stage in the electronics devices manufacturing  like servicing, repair or production.

Electronic gadgets have become an essential part of daily lives and this sector has grown at a rapid pace during last decade and is expected to depict a similar drift over the coming years. Increasing automation and digitalization has propelled the electronic industry and in turn will fuel the global electronic cleaning solvents market during the forecast period. rising population, rising middle class incomes are some of the factors expected to drive the global electronic cleaning solvents in developing regions.

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Water-based cleaners are used widely on top of solvent-based cleaners due to its beneficial properties such as non-flammable, low toxic, low odor, and low volatile organic compound. This substitute of solvent based cleaner can hamper the growth of these solvents in the forecast period. Also, some of the solvent based cleaners contains harmful gasses like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrofluoroethers (HFEs) which are responsible for depleting ozone layers and these factors can slowdown the growth of global electronic cleaning solvents market.

North America contributes major portion in terms of value in the global electronic cleaning solvents market. Well established electronics industry and the high level of automation in the countries like US makes this region a significant contributor in the electronic cleaning solvents market.

North America is projected to expand at a decent growth rate in the market during the forecast period. Asia Pacific is expected to be a prominent region in terms of growth in electronic cleaning solvents market. Increasing population and rise in disposable income of youth has surged electronics equipment and devices market in this region.

Asia Pacific is anticipated to contribute significantly in terms of revenue till 2024 for electronic cleaning solvents. Europe is anticipated to follow the similar growth trend of Asia Pacific in the global electronic cleaning solvents market. The increase in deployments of electronic devices in cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles will pave the way for electronic cleaning solvents in this region.

CRC Industries, Inc, PERMATEX, Miller-Stephenson Chemical Co, 3M Company, LPS Laboratories, Fujifilm NDT Systems, ELECTROLUBE, Aervoe, A.W. Chesterton Company are some of the major manufacturers of electronic cleaning solvents.

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