Bone And Teeth Supplements Market Outlook, Review, Research and Forecast 2024
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Bone And Teeth Supplements Market Outlook, Review, Research and Forecast 2024

The Bone and Teeth Supplements Market is projected to witness high growth owing to increase in ageing population, greater focus on preventive medicines and changing customer lifestyle.

Up surging surgery cost is driving bone & teeth supplements market as it improves consumer’s health at a very low cost. Further, consuming the product reduces the risk of fracture and tooth decay.

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Present generation, especially youngsters and middle-aged population worldwide is suffering from the problem of low bone density which has led to the higher consumption of calcium supplements. Moreover, health experts and pediatricians strongly suggest a higher intake of vitamins, protein and calcium to avoid bone loss or weakness. These factors will boost bone & teeth supplements market.

The product is high in calcium and phosphorus which is vital for cell growth that forms bones and teeth. Taking product as a dietary supplement keeps bones and teeth healthy, especially if the diet lacks calcium and phosphorus. Hence, the product is widely recommended for infants who have low bone density. This is anticipated to propel the product market.

Growing demand for teeth whitening products is likely to boost the bone & teeth supplements market. There are numerous factors for increased usage of teeth supplements which includes promoting better self-image and aesthetics.Furthermore, increase in aging population worldwide will fuel bone & teeth supplements market as it is used to treat osteoporosis. It is projected that globally, 30% of the patients suffer from osteoporosis with only 10% of the patients surviving the first-year surgery. Additionally, growing education, consumer awareness, disposable income and lifestyle shifts will increase demand for product.

Bone & teeth supplements contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals. The product provides many benefits which include improved muscle function & nervous system transmission and increased hormone production. Phosphorus is one of the vital nutrients for proper functioning of heart and kidney.

The major restraint for the bone & teeth supplements market include the criticism for laboratory processed teeth and bone supplements have owing to severe side effects, if consumed in high doses. In a recent study, it has been concluded that people consuming more bone and teeth supplements develop substantial risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Bone & teeth supplements are available in several types including, glucosamine chondroitin and calcium. Calcium supplement is expected to be the fastest growing segment as it is the main constituent for teeth and bone formation. 

Based on ingredients, bone & teeth supplements market is segmented into green tea, vitamin D, herbal tea and cranberries. Vitamin D holds the largest market segment owning to its beneficial properties which include, helps in proper absorption of phosphorus and calcium from intestinal tract, promotes growth and development of teeth and bones, regulates heart functioning, prevents hypocalcemia & rickets, enhances immunity and protects against muscle weakness.

Asia Pacific is projected to be the fastest growing region for bone & teeth supplements market owning to increasing population and consumer awareness.

North America, dominated by the U.S. holds the largest share for bone & teeth supplements market due to increased research & development activity. The region has the highest osteoporosis patients worldwide, thus making it the most potential market for the product.

The bone & teeth supplements market is highly fragmented with the presence of many manufacturing companies globally. Some of the major players include Bergstrom Nutrition, DSM Nutritional Products, Gadot Biochemical, ESM Technologies, Kappa Bioscience, Danisco, Navamedic ASA, Schiff Nutrition International and Zhejiang Freeman Shinfuda.

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Companies operating in bone & teeth supplements market have adopted different business strategies to capture this emerging market which includes agreements, product launches, expansions, collaborations and partnerships. Danisco launched value added network to increase customer awareness regarding teeth supplements. The company also promotes teeth supplements to increase the product market share by contacting media, dentists and regulatory bodies. In 2012, Beneo launched tooth friendly sweets named “Beneo oligo fructose”. The product is rich in fiber and act as a sugar reducing agent.

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