Global Flax Seed Meal Market 2024: by Regions, Type and Application
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Global Flax Seed Meal Market 2024: by Regions, Type and Application

The Flax Seed Meal Market is projected to witness dynamic growth owning to rise in health-conscious customers. The product is highly nutritious and offer many health benefits including, lowering lung disease, can heal arteries and treat carpal tunnel syndrome. Further, demand for the flax seed meal market is growing substantially worldwide, due to increasing demand from pet food industries, textile and paper industry. Flax crop derivatives which include straw and seeds are used in different applications named insulation materials and textile flax fiber. 

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Hectic life style of people lead to tension and work pressure, thereby resulting in depression and stress. As flex seed meal are anti-depressant, it helps in improving the condition which has witness growth in flax seed meal market size.

Rise in skin problems owning to increase in environmental pollution will boost flax seed meal market. With the presence of essential fatty acids, the product acts as an anti-allergic substance which help in skin healing. It heals sunburned skin and itchy patches of eczema and psoriasis.

Flax seed also known as linseed is high in nutrients, very low in carbohydrate and is useful in many low carbohydrate recipes. Flax seed meal is a by-product of flax seed after crushing it for oil. It is a useful process of deriving nutritional profits of linseed and provides several nutrients including, fiber, thiamine, omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic, manganese and magnesium. It can be also easily cooked and uncooked foods act as a fat substitute in different recipes.

Consuming this type of meal provides several health benefits which includes, lowering risk of heart disease, prevention from some type of cancer, lowering cholesterol level, controlling weight, maintaining blood sugar level, protection against radiation and preventing hot flashes. It replaces gluten-containing grains as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Major restraint for the flax seed meal market is consumption of linseed by people having health disorders including bowel obstructions. In such cases, linseeds worsen the obstruction as it slows down the blood clotting process, therefore people having bleeding disorders tend to bleed more.

Flax seed meal is available in two types golden and brown flax seed with black flax seed holding the largest market share due to high content of omega-3 fatty acids which is around 10% more as compared to brown flax seed. The product is used in food and animal food industry. The food industry is further segmented into bakery products & cereals, energy bars, supplements, flour, confectionary and beverages. The product demand is growing rapidly from rising animal food industry. Animal food producers are adding flax seed meal to animal and poultry fodders as, it is proven beneficial for cats, dogs and horse health.

In North America, Canada is the largest producer and exporter of linseed worldwide. The flax seed in the U.S. is imported from Canada and then exported to Europe. Other factors including, substantial number of end use industries and increase in demand of omega-3 fatty acids are anticipated to support growth of the U.S. flax seed meal market.

Asia Pacific holds the largest share for flax seed meal market. Owing to the increasing market demand from developed and developing counties, export of linseed to Asia Pacific market is anticipated to rise significantly in future.

The flax seed meal market is consolidated with the presence of many companies globally. The key players for flax seed meal market bring up readily available linseed products for consumption. Some of the major industry players are S.S Johnson Seeds, Ag Motion Specialty Grains, Cargil, Grain Products, Canmar, Simosis International, Stokke Seeds, Heartland Flax, Shape Foods, Richardson International, Healthy Food Ingredients, Zeghers Seed, Bioriginal Food & Science Corporation, TA Foods, Stober Farms, Montana Specialty Mills, Sunny Ville Farms and Archer Daniels Midland.

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The flax seed meal market is foreseeing a lot of mergers and acquisitions recently. In January 2017, Montana Specialty Mills signed a joint venture with Colombia Grain International, a Japanese company exporting lentils, edible peas and chickpeas. This venture will help to combine Montana expertise in mustard processing and oil seed crushing with origination and storage capabilities of Colombia Grain International.

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