Galacto-oligosaccharide prebiotics market expects gains at over 9% by 2024
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Galacto-oligosaccharide prebiotics market expects gains at over 9% by 2024

In recent times, prebiotics market has been amassing substantially heavy gains, pertaining to the rising awareness among the masses with regards to the consumption of prebiotic dietary supplements for several health benefits. In fact, the deployment of prebiotics in the production of livestock feed additives has also increased, on account of its incredible nutritional benefits. In order to provide nourishment and prohibit health problems caused by harmful bacteria, most of the food production companies have been including prebiotics as primary ingredient in several products. Say for instance, two of the most commonly used prebiotics in food products are oligofructose and inulin. The increasing demand for such highly functional foods to fortify the body with immunity and digestive capability is thus certain to boost prebiotics industry share over 2017-2024. It is also imperative to mention that considering the numerous benefits of prebiotics, many regional governments have drafted certain regulatory norms and policies related to use of dietary fiber, prebiotics, and functional foods. Regulatory organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization) have also recommended a specific methodology for evaluating prebiotics in systematic way to use it in a manner that is highly efficient and safe. Undeniably, the increasing involvement of regulatory bodies in the healthcare sector will stimulate prebiotics market size in the ensuing years.
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The advantages that prebiotics provide to the body are indeed appreciable. The deployment of these products in medicines for stress reduction, infant memory boosting, and fat reduction is thus, certain to have a major impact on prebiotics industry trends. A succinct gist of how these benefits help in disease control and bolster prebiotics market trends is enlisted below:

Recently, the scientific community unearthed that prebiotics used in dietary supplements and fermented food can have a positive impact on sleep patterns and have proved beneficial in lowering the physiological effect of stress. In addition, researchers stress on the fact that proper nutrition can indeed improve brain function and development, which can only be achieved through the consumption of a diet rich in prebiotics, thus laying the ground for prebiotics market expansion. These products, in recent times, have been used increasingly in most of the sleep-enhancing solutions, which would push prebiotics market trends considerably.

The prevalence of a sedentary lifestyle has led to a major rise in obesity problems, mostly among the aging population across the globe. Currently, obesity in children is also turning out to a huge issue of concern. Accordingly, major giants in prebiotics market have been looking forward to developing new solutions to diagnose childhood obesity, since prebiotics are proven and effective products that help eliminate fat content in children. Since obesity problems in kids leads to the risk of morbidity and mortality, prebiotics industry giants have been continually involved in research & development activities to develop new product to combat the disorder.

As per a research study carried out by the Piglet Nutrition and Cognition Lab in the University of Illinois, prebiotics can enhance the exploratory behavior and memory of an infant when included in infant formula. Breast milk is also one of the best resources of prebiotics, however, in many cases, babies find mother’s milk insufficient for complete nutrition. Pertaining to the same, many players in prebiotics industry have developed infant formula fortified with prebiotics, which can be useful for the babies’ cognitive development. In fact, infant formula comprising cow’s milk with polydextrose, synthetic carbohydrate, and galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) is naturally prebiotic. As per Global Market Insights, Inc., owing to the increasing use of galacto-oligosaccharide in infant formula, prebiotics market from GOS ingredients is slated to register an annual growth rate of more than 9% over 2017-2024.

Nonallergic asthma, triggered by exercise, stress, medications, and illnesses can be amply reduced by supplying gut bacteria through prebiotics. For the record, in the U.S., asthma is one of the commonly occurring respiratory problems, affecting 6.3 million children and 17.7 million adults. The FDA has regulated few norms to clarify addition of prebiotics in foods that will be liable to be considered as a medical food, functional, and dietary supplement. As per statistics, shifting trends toward increasing consumption of dietary supplements is likely to boost U.S. prebiotics market share over the years ahead.

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Subject to the fact that these products extensively aid health improvement, research institutes and pivotal medical care companies have been working continuously to bring forth highly upgraded, reliable, accurate, and reproducible diagnosis methodologies that will have a significant impact on prebiotics industry trends. Additionally, the ongoing research in molecular biology related to product functionality and the development of customized products tailored to the consumer’s request are also certain to stimulate prebiotics market size.

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