Swine Feed Market is likely to expand at a prominent CAGR
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Swine Feed Market is likely to expand at a prominent CAGR

The Swine Feed Market is mainly driven by rising volume of pork production coupled with growing demand for well-bred and high quality meat obtained from pork. Further, bacon is the most consumed meat worldwide and culinary experiments have resulted in the rising demand for quality bacon which can only be obtained through providing quality fodder to pigs. Increasing technological innovation in meat processing industry and need for maintaining optimal health of domesticated meat animals including, pigs will drive the swine feed market size.

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Escalating ham consumption is inflating the product price, thus benefiting pig farmers in earning more income which is expected to boost swine feed market. Additionally, rising disease outbreak due to consumption of infected pork has resulted in increased demand for pig fodder that improves health of pigs. Providing better pig fodder for pig husbandry ensures the health of consumer eating ham. The consumption of pork is growing in newer markets and thereby, expected to push pig fodder demand globally.

Bacon is cheaper as compared to other types of meat and has high protein content. Hence, bacon production involves lower operating costs and quick return on investments relative to cattle is the key factor driving swine feed market.

Swine fodder is a non-nutritive compound added to premixes, fodder and supplements which improves health of pigs, delivers nutrition in course of rearing them and enhances pork quality. Fodder extracts are important source of nutrition for pigs as they make fodder more digestible. The product offers numerous nutritional advantages as it is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber content. The ham production phases that takes place on farms to make pigs ready for market involves breeding gestation, nursery, farrowing and grow finish. During above phases the pigs are fed as per their requirements and nourishing types.

Swine feed is available in three types which include starter, pig grower and sow. The market is led by pig grower type of pig fodder due to high content of carbohydrates, amino acids and various other micronutrients.

The key fodder essences used in the diet of pigs include enzymes, binders, PH control agents, emulsifiers, acidifiers, antimicrobials, and antioxidants. Antibiotics is anticipated as the fastest growing segment as it promotes growth which helps pigs during development stages. Thus, improving meat quality by reducing fat content and increasing protein content. Based on fodder additives, the market is classified into zootechnical, sensory and nutritional.

As per the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in the U.S. regulates the discharge of animal feed waste in water. This regulation states that farms with inventory of more than 1,000 animal units must have National Pollution Discharge Elimination System for proper fodder storage and waste discharge.

The major restraints for swine feed market are volatility in raw material prices used for fodder production and increasing outbreak of pathogenic diseases among pigs as they are more prone to various diseases and disorders. For instance, pig farms in the U.S. have reported the advent of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Virus (PEDV) which has affected young piglets. Furthermore, improper waste handling and rising environmental pollution owning to excretion of excess dietary nitrogen, phosphorous, zinc, copper and ammonia from fodder production will hamper the swine feed market growth.

Asia Pacific, led by China holds the largest share for swine feed market owning to presence of highest pig population in China worldwide. This region accounts largest market stake of the global pork production. Further, low labour & land cost and cooperative pork producer network will boost the swine feed market.

North America is expected to register fastest growth for swine feed market as globally it is the largest pork exporter. In addition, increasing technological advancement and livestock production will drive swine feed market in the region.

Middle East and African swine feed market will witness steady growth due to rising domestic and international quick service restaurants in the region. Rising domestic demand compounded with growing middle class income and change in demographics is anticipated to fuel product market in the region.

European swine feed market will foresee substantial growth on account of increased pork consumption coupled with stringent government regulations regarding meat production in the region. 

Increasing strict government regulations that govern animal fodder industry could hamper revenue generation of key players. Companies are adopting for different strategies which include innovation and creative packaging that could offer a competitive edge to producers of pig fodder, thus helping them to expand their geographical presence beyond the current market.

Swine feed market is highly fragmented owning to the presence of many local producers. Some of the major players of swine feed market are Lallemand, BASF, Novus International, Cargill, Royal DSM, ABF, Archer Daniels Midland, Chr Hansen, Alltech and Kent foods. 

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In March 2017, Archer Daniels Midland announced the construction of a new fodder manufacturing facility in China with an annual capacity of 120,000 metric tons. This expansion will help the company to increase shareholder’s value and footprint in the region. 

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