Tricalcium Citrate Market is likely to show significant growth between 2017 – 2024
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Tricalcium Citrate Market is likely to show significant growth between 2017 – 2024

The Tricalcium Citrate Market demand is mainly driven by growth in applications across industries, such as food & beverage, healthcare, personal care and cleaners & detergents. Other application segments include agrochemicals, polymers, fertilizer and plastics. Cleaners and Detergents segment covers approximately 14% of the global market, used as a surfactant agent as it is good for the surface care of laundering material, dishwashing, and household cleaner products.

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Rising demand for organic edibles will propel the tricalcium citrate market growth due to its usage in organic salts with 21% calcium content. Expansion of personal care sector will drive the tricalcium citrate market demand as the product is used as a buffering agent in personal care products.

Growth in food & beverage industry and demand for the use of mineral supplement in food additives is likely to boost the tricalcium citrate market growth. Due to its superior properties include low reactivity and better compressibility as compared to other salts. The product is found as a safe product and is used in food without limitations of quantity and this is approved by the FDA. Increasing health care awareness related to nutrition, food and safety due to advanced technologies will drive tricalcium citrate market size.

Tricalcium citrate is an odorless, white and fine powder, which is easily soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid at low temperature as compared to other calcium salts. It is also known as tricalcium dicitrate tetrahydrate and manufactured by neutralizing citric acid. It is commonly used calcium salt of citric acid.

Tricalcium citrate is available in powder, solid, liquid and granular forms as per the use of end use industries. On an average, only 15-35% of calcium is consumed from a mixed diet by any fit adult. Usage of the product in dairy products for better brain and body growth of humans due to properties include readjust the calcium level of milk.

North America dominates the tricalcium citrate market, due to expansion of end user industries include healthcare, consumer goods and chemicals. In the U.S., product has applications in food and beverages such as soft drinks and it is used as a buffering agent while manufacturing bakery products to regulate PH value along with an increase in the electrolytic strength of soft water for avoiding soft and sticky doughs. These factors act as key drivers, which uplift the tricalcium citrate market growth.

Europe is also a potential market for tricalcium citrate because of rising demand for food and beverages in this region will drive the product growth. Owing to the product has less reactivity property as compared to other salts and high source of calcium. In 2008, tricalcium citrate is listed as an acceptable food additive and added to other food stuffs by following the codes as regulated in the EU Regulation No. 1333 as there is no strict regulation for use the product. In 2013, the product is registered as mineral salts in EU Regulation (EC) No. 609 on food proposed for young children and infants and in diet substitutes for weight control.

Key restraints for tricalcium citrate market are high price of the product as compared to calcium salts, availability of substitutes and raw materials with volatile price.

In Asia Pacific, adoption of the product for application in industrial verticals, and emerging economies such as China and India, will be a potential market for the product. In India, healthcare industry is rising at a marvelous pace. Usage of product for the treatment of hyperkalemia and hypercalcemia in this segment will fuel the tricalcium citrate market growth. The product is also widely used for treatment of kidney stones problem by reducing the urine citrate and urine calcium excretion as urine citrate fixes the urine calcium in a soluble citrate compound.

The global tricalcium citrate market is fragmented in Asian nation. These are expected to stay as major consumers during the forecast timeframe owing to the vast consumption of  lime stone and fertilizers and  in the region.

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The tricalcium citrate market is fragmented consisting of some participants including, A.B. Enterprises, Krishna Chemicals, Josh Chemicals, Jungbunzlauer Suisse, Generichem, Dashtech International. Other notable players include Ningxiang Xinyang Chemical, Bajaj Healthcare, Showa Kako Corporation, Nikunj Chemicals, Tate & Lyle, and Gadot Biochemical Industries.

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