Food & Beverage Sterilizing Agent Market : In-Depth Analysis, Growing Opportunities (2019-2025)
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Food & Beverage Sterilizing Agent Market : In-Depth Analysis, Growing Opportunities (2019-2025)

Global Market Insights, Inc. has launched a report on Food & Beverage Sterilizing Agent Market that elucidates an in-depth synopsis of this business vertical over the forecast period. The report is inclusive of the prominent industry drivers and provides an accurate analysis of the key growth trends and market outlook in the years to come in addition to the competitive hierarchy of this sphere.

The global food and beverage sterilizing agent market trends have been positively influenced by the expanding food processing industry that is expected to gain massive growth impetus over the coming years. Undeniably, the growth can be attributed to the prevalence of hectic lifestyles, rapid urbanization and greater participation of women in the workforce. These factors together have contributed to the surge in the popularity of packaged and processed foods, which in consequence, has added stimulus to the food and beverage sterilizing agent industry as sterilization is one of the most crucial steps in the food processing industry, the lack of which can pose as a formidable impediment to profitability.

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For instance, in 2018 Del Monte Foods had to recall more than 64,000 cases of canned corn due to under-processing during commercial sterilization which sparked health concerns worldwide. Such under-processing could lead to food spoilage and even life-threatening conditions due to the presence of pathogens. Improperly canned food can lead to botulism which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes as essentially an illness attacking the nervous system leading to muscle paralysis and even death.

Food recalls are therefore essential for public safety, but a single recall can proof to be hefty setback for the food processing industry. Recalls not only result in disruption of operation but also millions in direct and indirect costs such as recalling stock and reputational damage. The U.S. Grocery Manufacturers Association estimated that food recalls result in direct costs of nearly $10 million to companies and around 5% companies incur over $100 million in direct and indirect costs.

Food and beverage sterilizing agent market is also gaining strong outlook due to the potential of sterilization agents like hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. Ever since the 1980s, hydrogen peroxide became a popular choice as a sterilizing agent throughout Europe and the United States due to its compatibility with polyethylene surfaces. The food processing and packaging industry has continued to grow exponentially in the last few decades not only due to the convenience processed and packaged foods provide, but also due to the shrinking time and effort consumers wanted to devote to kitchens – time that was taken up by other activities. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is one of the most widely used sterilization agents in the food and beverages industry and is used in the anti-corrosion and preservation of dried fruits and water logged food products besides the sterilization for food processing equipment and container.

The dairy industry is one of the predominant businesses that demands rigorous sterilization and food grade hydrogen peroxide has proved to be one of the most potent sterilizing agents in dairy product sterilization due to its broad-spectrum sterilization effect which leads to rapid sterilization leaving no residue or bubbles. Milk, for instance is highly sensitive to bacteria. Therefore aseptic filling equipment are sterilized food grade hydrogen peroxide to keep milk sterile. Also hydrogen peroxide quickly decomposes into water and oxygen without polluting the products or packing boxes which makes it an ideal sterilizing agent in the food and beverages industry. Considering that the demand for milk and milk products has recorded a steady upsurge, the food and beverage sterilizing agent market will also register a profitable growth graph in the coming years through the obligatory need of sterilization.

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Peracetic acid has emerged as a sanitizing agent of choice especially in the brewing industry as it is highly functional in eliminating microbial contamination in aseptic packaging. Since aseptic packaging offers reduced shipping costs and longer shelf life, it is used for low acid and high acid beverages. Sterilizing agents like hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are also being increasingly used in cleaning fresh produce without using water or mixing these agents with water.

For instance, Clean Works, an Ontario based company has invented a process in which ultraviolet light and vaporized hydrogen peroxide are used to kill 99% of dangerous pathogens in just 30 second as well as considerably extending shelf life for the produce. As awareness for food safety is on the rise, the food and beverage sterilizing agent industry will continue to gain impetus in the years ahead. Estimates in fact, claim the global food and beverage sterilizing market size to surpass $500 million by 2025.

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