Food & Beverages Color Fixing Agents Market 2019 Drivers, Challenges, Key Regions and Forecast by 2025
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Food & Beverages Color Fixing Agents Market 2019 Drivers, Challenges, Key Regions and Forecast by 2025

Global Market Insights, Inc. has announced the launch of Food & Beverages Color Fixing Agents Market, a comprehensive study enumerating the latest price trends and pivotal drivers rendering a positive impact on the industry landscape. Further, the report is inclusive of the competitive terrain of this vertical in addition to the market share analysis and the contribution of the prominent contenders toward the overall industry.

The explosive population growth fueling the demand for food & beverages is expected to majorly augment the expansion of F&B color fixing agents market in the forthcoming years. In part, the growth is also driven by a number of prominent cultural changes, wherein a simple meal like a burger has transcended beyond the status it held a couple of decades ago to the pure indulgence that it is today.

U.S. Food & Beverages Color Fixing Agents Market Size, By Product, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)

This change is said to have occurred on account of the meteoric rise in demand for the same, especially from the millennial generation. In fact, according to Quartz India, when millennials across India are looking to experience fun-filled moments, chances are that they’ll most probably end up in a restaurant or order something to eat online. This culture is so widespread that Indian middle-income millennials spend approximately 10% of food expenditure on eating out, purchasing pre-cooked meals or ordering junk food online – indirectly fueling the growth scale of F&B color fixing agents industry.

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Meanwhile, the beverage industry has also witnessed proliferating growth over the recent years. Changing eating trends are some of the most prominent factors behind this growth, as it is highly probable that an individual dining out would order an accompanying drink to go with the meal instead of opting for water.

Moreover, beverage industry players have been considerably successful in diversifying their drinks to the point that today there are different drinks designed as accompaniments for different occasions – say for instance, energy drinks are consumed during exercise, beer with fried food at a sports event, and wine is normally ordered with an elegant dinner. These changing fads have consequently led to a spate of growth opportunities for the global F&B color fixing agents market players.

Impact of the increasing global meat consumption on F&B CFA market

The Demand: According to the World Health Organization, the global livestock sector has been experiencing increasing pressure in recent years to address the world’s burgeoning high-value animal protein demands. Population growth, urbanization, rising level of disposable income and changing food culture are some of the primary factors that would drive the world’s annual meat production to approximately 376 million tons by 2030.

The Need: A significant chunk of the meat goes to restaurants & fast-food outlets. To effectively meet these demands, the meat needs to be processed as it allows them to survive the transit they go through in the supply-chain.

The MVP: These meats are often processed using Sodium nitrate, which is also one of the meat industry’s most popular CFA, accounting for a significant share of F&B color fixing agents market.

Processed meats like hot dogs, pepperoni, salami, bologna, bacon, SPAM and ham specifically contain Sodium nitrate to help them retain their distinctive coloring and also inhibit botulism to a varying degree. The rising demand for this CFA in tandem with the expanding meat consumption worldwide is anticipated to majorly impel food & beverages color fixing agents industry.

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Impact of rising beverage sales on F&B CFA market

The use of F&B CFA like Ascorbic Acid in the beverages industry serves a dual purpose; they prevent chemical oxidation stabilizing their taste & bouquet and they help the beverage sell more by retaining their color.

The Drivers: According to the Institute of Food Technologists, color is the first notable characteristic of a beverage or food that often influences or predetermines a consumer’s expectation, helping them in making a purchase. This provides great impetus to beverage manufacturers to heavily invest in F&B CFA market if they plan to bring in more business growth.

The Projection: The use of coloring in beverage production would be continuing to expand in coming years as more beverage manufacturers are becoming aware of the benefits of incorporating color into their drinks. According to GNT Group, back in 2016, 14% of newly released beverages incorporated a color finish to accentuate their overall concept.

Moving forward, beverages are expected to incorporate natural coloring as a standard practice, further providing traction to the market as natural colors would more prominently require CFA to maintain their color.

In fact, fueled by cultural changes, the expanding meat industry & the changing dynamics of the beverages industry, the market of F&B CFA is expected to depict a growth graph that highlights substantial gains in coming years. A Global Market Insights, Inc., report estimates that the F&B CFA market size would be surpassing the $3.27 billion renumeration mark by 2025.

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